Your Ultimate Guide to EUC Performance Tests

Measuring perceived remote end-user experience in an organized, valid and repeatable way

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Vendor-independent end-user computing (EUC) performance benchmarking - organized, valid and repeatable.

The EUC Score method is built on the combination of running simulated workloads, capturing screen videos, collecting telemetry data and visualizing the results in a unique way.

If you are an individual or a small organization producing EUC benchmarking content and sharing it publicly at no cost, you can request access to the EUC Score Toolset as part of a non-commercial Community Subscription that is free of charge. If you are an enterprise conducting EUC benchmarking tests for commercial or End-User Computing product-related purposes, you must purchase an EUC Score Subscription. We define an enterprise as an organization with either more than 50 PCs or users, or with more than one million U.S. dollars in annual revenues. Please contact us for details: info

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EUC Performance Benchmarking Best Practices

Benny Tritsch April 8, 2021

Learn about our EUC performance benchmarking methodology with its build, perform and analysis phases. (1) Build a target environment and select automated workloads that simulate virtual desktop users doing realistic work. (2) Orchestrate automated test runs, capture client-side session screen videos and collect host-side telemetry data. (3) Analyze collected results by combining screen videos of the primary user session with telemetry data collected on the host machine.

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Using Video Capture Devices for Screen Recording

Benny Tritsch April 10, 2021

The perceived experience of simloads can be recorded using a video capture device or frame grabber connected to a physical client device's video output. This article includes a list of recommended video capture devices.

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