EUC Score Test Results

EUC Score Test Results - VMware

Benchmarking VMware Horizon and the Blast protocol. The test results presented here are a subset of the complete dataset collected during a VMware Horizon test sequences. Click on a link below to open the Sync Player clip.

VMware Test Drive

Test Engineer: Benny Tritsch Date of test: 22 May 2022

Testable question: What is the perceived user experience over a Blast connection from the EUC Score lab in Germany to a GPU-accelerated session hosted on VMware Test Drive located in VMware's Houston datacenter?

System under test: VMware Test Drive, Windows 10, Xeon Gold 6140 4vCPUs @ 2.3GHz, 8GB RAM, VMware Virtual disk SCSI Disk Device 150GB, NVIDIA GRID V100-2Q vGPU, 2GB VRAM.

Connection: VMware Blast, 130ms round trip time.


Simload and Link View and Telemetry Type Observation
SL1-BSPBlendingDX11 Single View - GPU Great application response time despite 130ms network round trip time. 3D load stays low, showing the power of the NVIDIA V100 GPU.
SL1-ChromeFishbowlHTML5 Single View - GPU Growing outgoing network bandwidth on growing number of fish objects in the bowl.
SL1-DominoOpenGL Single View - GPU VMware Horizon limits the frame rate on the session side to 60fps, keeping CPU and GPU consumption low.
SL1-MSEdgeVideoConf6 Single View - GPU Decoding of the six videos is offloaded to the GPU, keeping CPU consumption low.
SL1-MSEdgeWaterWebGL Single View - GPU Rendering of the water after user interaction at highest quality level.

Result: The VMware Test Drive VM shows outstanding performance despite 130ms round trip time.