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Side-by-Side Player

Work in progress! This component is not publicly available, yet.

The SxS Player is an HTML5 application that runs inside a browser. The SxS Player client area is divided into two foreground media output tiles at the top (each including a title bar), a numerical data visualization area in the center and a control and status bar at the bottom.

The top left media tile always includes an MP4 video (= "pacemaker" video). The top right media tile includes either another video or animated text output. The title bar at the top of each media tile includes one line of description text. The individual media tiles are surrounded by a border, each in a different color used for color-coding the data visualization. Important: The video aspect ratio must always be maintained.

The numerical data visualization area is located below the media tiles. It is divided into a left and a right section, each with the same width and height. A section shows either two separate graphs in one row or four separate graphs in two rows, all visualizing telemetry data values over time. Each graph shows a title, axis labels and either one or two progressive lines. As an alternative to progressive lines, it's also possible to draw static data lines with an animated vertical line moving from left to right over time. One or two CSV files created by EUC Score Avatar or any other performance data collector act as the data source for the numerical data. This data can be imported and embedded into the HTML5 file.

The control and status bar at the bottom includes video controls (play, pause and progress bar) and status information, such as elapsed time and total time. On the right side is a URL that includes the link to a help page.

SxS Player