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Simload Runner

Simload Runner is a GUI tool to launch registered Simloads and edit performance counter settings for collecting telemetry data. The "Open Telemetry Splash" button opens the TelemetrySplash tool that shows a preview of the selected performance counters.

To run a Simload, select it from the list on the left, optionally modify the runtime and position settings on the right, and click on the "Run Simload" button at the bottom. While a Simload is running, don't interact with Simload Runner. To interrupt a Simload while it is running, press the ESC key.

Collecting telemetry data with Simload Runner is optional. When other mechanisms are used to collect performance counters, leave the built-in "Collect telemetry data" in disabled status before running a simload.

The last position of the Simload Runner window is stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\EUCScore\Runner.


Simload Runner