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Simload Runner

Simload Runner is a GUI tool to launch registered Simloads and edit performance counter settings for collecting telemetry data. The "Splash" button opens the TelemetrySplash tool that shows a preview of the selected performance counters.

To run a Simload, select it from the list on the left, optionally modify the runtime and position settings on the right, and click on the "Run Simload" button at the bottom. While a Simload is running, don't interact with Simload Runner. To interrupt a Simload while it is running, press the ESC key.


Simload Runner


The last position of the Simload Runner window is stored in the Windows registry under HKCU\Software\EUCScore\Runner.

Collecting telemetry data with Simload Runner is optional. When other mechanisms are used to collect performance counters, leave the built-in "Collect Telemetry Data" in disabled status before running a Simload.

The default telemetry configuration file for Simload Runner is Telemetry.ini in the Tools folder. If you want to use different performance counters, you can change the assigned telemetry configuration file by a click on the "Open" button.

A click on the "Edit" button opens the Telemetry Editor. It allows you to modify an existing telemetry configuration file or to create a new telemetry configuration file ("Clone"). Use a ">>" button on the right side to select a new performance counter. NOTE: Only single-instance performance counter types are supported (no multi-instance types, such as <All Instances> or *).


Telemetry Editor


In Simload Runner, a click on the "Refresh" button reloads the performance counters configured in the active telemetry configuration file. This is necessary after a change in the telemetry configuration file.